Thoughtful, Well-Crafted Contracts Help A Business Flourish

Every business must have contracts to operate. Written contracts, thoughtfully prepared and with clear terms that plan for most contingencies, offer the greatest opportunity for success.

Written Contracts define each party's obligations and encourage each party to do what they originally promised to do. Mistakes, whether intended or not, can cause serious, time-consuming problems. It is vital that a business owner fully understand the contracts that they enter into and the repercussions that a breach can cause. If you are in the midst of a contract dispute, an experienced attorney can offer viable, practical solutions of which you may not have been aware.

Your Experienced Contract Attorneys

Retaining an attorney who works with business contracts is a wise decision that can protect your most important asset against potential liabilities. An experienced contract attorney understands contract wording, elements and enforcement, and can advise you on how to avoid potential problems. The attorneys at Bartelt Grob, S.C., each have over 30 years of focused business contract experience. We protect our clients from potential breach of contract suits by carefully drafting their business contracts and agreements to suit their goals. We are also retained by companies to provide consistent and vigilant contract services including review, modification and cancellation.

The Effects Of A "Breach Of Contract" Lawsuit

If an individual or company is found to be in breach of contract there are several legal remedies possible. There are also choices about the means for resolving a contract dispute including lawsuit, arbitration and mediation. An individual or company which has breached a contract may be found liable for compensatory damages and other damages including:

  • Punitive damages
  • Nominal damages
  • Liquidated damages
  • Specific performance
  • Contract cancellation

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