Your Skilled And Qualified Guide Through Probate

For over three decades, the experienced attorneys at Bartelt Grob, S.C., have provided able assistance in the administration of estates and trusts in Wisconsin.

While careful estate planning can mitigate the need for probate, if you or a family member is facing Wisconsin probate it may be in your best interest to speak with an attorney who is experienced in the probate process. Probate is the legal process of transferring property and monetary assets after a person dies.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Trustee

Serving as the estate executor, personal representative or trustee is a serious role. Trustees may be liable for mistakes and damages and are held legally accountable and sued. Trustees must understand their roles and their legally binding duties. We provide counsel to the personal representative or trustee as you perform your duties including transferring ownership of real estate. The time period following the death of a loved one can be emotional and a difficult time to make clear and well-considered decisions. Bartelt Grob, S.C., offers compassionate assistance to help you effectively carry out your duties.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

At Bartelt Grob, S.C., we provide seasoned counsel to the personal representative or trustee as they perform their duties in:

  • Collecting assets
  • Paying remaining taxes, claims or debts
  • Asset distribution and property to heirs
  • Living trust distribution
  • Transferring ownership of real estate
  • Handling will contests
  • Trust litigation

Your Guides Through The Wisconsin Probate Process

Call us when you need assistance related to the death of a friend or relative. Bartelt Grob, S.C. can make the process of administering a will or trust manageable and less daunting. We offer all of the comforts of a small firm, including a conveniently located Madison area office. Call Bartelt Grob, S.C., at 608-663-5600 or fill out the online form and we will contact you.