Respected And Respectful Trust Administration

While trust administration is not a court-supervised process, the goal is the same: To effectively and accurately distribute a deceased person's assets and accumulated wealth. Often a person chooses another to act as their administrator, such as spouse or adult child or relative.

Getting The Help You Need

At Bartelt Grob, S.C., we help trustees and estate representatives carry out their responsibilities as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you with:

Protect Yourself, Your Assets, Your Family

Enlisting the help of a lawyer who is experienced in trust administration can protect you from disputes by heirs and creditors, and ensure that all assets are present and accounted for. A trust is usually intended to safeguard your family and loved ones, eliminate confusion and assure your intentions are followed with no or with little court oversight. Speak with an experienced Bartelt Grob, S.C. trust administration attorney to find out the benefits and experience the peace of mind a skilled trust administration professional can provide.

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