Choose Bartlet Grob, S.C. When Buying Or Selling Commercial And Residential Property

Whether your business is a large company, a family business or just you, we can help guide you when purchasing or selling either commercial or residential property. If you are looking to build or buy a new home, a lakefront property or condominium, contact Bartelt Grob, S.C. for expert advice.

Protecting Your Investment

Having an experienced attorney review the facts about the property and consult with you about the terms of the deal can make valuable, significant differences. Whether a letter of intent, offer to purchase or option, sale contracts need precise language to clearly define rights and obligations, and to protect your business and family from unexpected setbacks and lawsuits. It is critical that you understand the short and long term ramifications of any commercial or residential purchase or sale contract before you are obligated to carry out the terms.

A Real Estate Deal Creates An Array of Due Diligence Concerns

Each parcel of real estate is unique in its combination of location, size, physical characteristics, history of use, prior owners, neighboring and nearby properties, and applicable municipal and county regulations. At Bartelt Grob, S.C. we know how to efficiently identify and explain these unique factors and address them to preserve value for you. No one likes expensive surprises when it comes to real estate. We want to reduce the likelihood of those surprises so that you can realize your dreams for the property.

Familiar With the Unusual

Not every transaction involving real estate involves a simple sale between a willing seller and buyer. Some deals need to start with a letter of intent or option to purchase. Other deals involve a Section 1031 exchange, a long-term ground lease or rights to use neighboring land. There are also situations where securing rights to use a private drive, shared utilities, party walls or airspace is key. Multiple owners selling or buying or the use of special purpose entities can add complexity to a deal. It may be important to clear mortgages or other types of real estate liens or a former occupant's right to a life estate. The attorneys of Bartelt Grob, S.C. have seen all of these special circumstances. We know how to protect your best interests when the transaction is not routine.

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