Extensive Land Rights Experience

The world of easements, leases and land use can often be murky. Yet, these aspects of real estate law can greatly affect the long term success or failure of a project or business.

Understanding The Impact Of Easements

An easement can make the difference between a piece of real estate being readily usable and valuable versus landlocked and worth less. Mortgage lenders, developers and investors care about easement rights. Title companies will point out an easement – or the lack of easement, but the title company will not help you resolve rights to access or use. The attorneys at Bartelt, Grob S.C. help clients draft, interpret and enforce all kinds of easements.

Commercial Leases Are Different

From both a practical and a legal standpoint commercial leases are very different from residential leases. The attorneys at Bartelt, Grob, S.C. help clients navigate commercial leases and understand the impact of the wording, clauses and commitments. Commercial leases differ from residential leases because they are impacted by:

  • Fewer consumer protection laws
  • Custom formats and clauses
  • Longer terms
  • Upfront investment in improvements and location marketing
  • Accessibility issues including street access, parking lots and signage

The Broad Scope Of Wisconsin Land Use

Land use law involves zoning, building permits, subdivision, conditional use permits, and variances. Where and how businesses can conduct commerce is often a matter of strategy, interpretation and timely application. Because of the broad experience of Bartelt Grob's shareholder attorneys, whether you are looking to preserve a land use or change one, the firm is able to provide comprehensive counsel.

Our attorneys have been directly involved in the development of hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in green energy infrastructure including solar and wind generation facilities. Other Bartelt Grob, S.C. attorneys have represented lenders to and owners of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We represent a full spectrum of businesses: from the individual entrepreneur to national companies. We are able to take projects from a concept and guide them to fruition.

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